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Last year travel writer Aad Struijk published REISHANDBOEK COLORADO & WYOMING (Travel Handbook Colorado & Wyoming), a travel guide for Dutch and Belgium readers, interested in visiting The West. This side is an additional service for those readers. However, although the book is currently only published in The Netherlands and in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, the content of the site is of much interest for international visitors as well. It is for this reason an English addition will be added soon.
At this moment you already will find additional information about traveling in Colorado and Wyoming (as well as the Black Hills/Badlands region of South Dakota; which is covered in Struijk's travel handbook as well) by clicking on LINKS in the frame at the left side of this page. A great number of links to interesting and helpful sites are collected in this section of the site and new links will be added frequently.
Another section of the site which is already available in English: the information about the books author Aad Struijk have published so far and the new publication of him which will be published in the summer of 2001.
The Netherlands and Belgium are small European countries, but nevertheless each year well over one million people from the so-called Lowlands make the transatlantic crossing to the United States. A great number of them choose The West as their destination. For everyone involved in the tourist industry this site offers perfect possibilities to promote their community or enterprise. At this moment, REISHANDBOOK COLORADO & WYOMING is the first and only travel guide in Dutch specifically devoted to this part of the United States. For more information click on ADD A LINK / ADVERTISE ON THIS SITE.